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It feels like a miracle!

When I was first introduced to Stampin' Up, I was a stay at home mom of two toddlers. I was broke, bored and lonely! I desperately needed some adult conversation and time away from my little ones, who had special needs. We were just getting by on Mike's salary as a professor at a small liberal arts college. I missed the creativity of my former job as a graphic designer and editor, too.

Fast forward almost 15 years, I'm still a stay at home mom, but I am anything but bored, far from lonely, and thankfully no longer broke! I've been able to provide income and cover tuition payments and special experiences for our family, while still being there for my special sensory teens as they navigate the new waters of high school. I've got friends literally all over the world that I chat with online daily, and friends all over the area that I gather with monthly.

Because of Stampin' Up, I've also earned much-needed vacations for myself and my handsome hardworking hubby. We've earned all-expense-paid trips to Alaska, Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, the Caribbean, Fiji, Italy, Greece, Disney World and even Thailand. I've been honored to speak on stage to fellow demonstrators many times all over the United States, and earned some of the highest awards and titles the company provides. I look back at all the unexpected loveliness and I get so excited about the future! What on earth will happen next?!

I never dreamed this would be my life, and I love it. I feel like God has placed me in the exactly perfect spot for my talents, abilities and family needs. Teaching others how to explore their God-given creativity is a joy and a delight.

I'd be so happy to talk to you about the possiblities Stampin' Up might hold for your own family! Maybe it could be your miracle, too.